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The Quilted Corners of Wyalusing Project is alive and well in the Greater Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce area.  Although the chamber is no longer creating the large wooden blocks, the ones that are hanging on local barns, businesses, churches, and homes provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see the lovely countryside by taking one of the self-guided driving tours. 
The project began with just a few barn quilts squares painted and hung around the Wyalusing area.  The project took off quickly by word of mouth and a few articles, so that now, many years later, there are almost 200 of the wooden blocks available for all to enjoy.
Stop by the chamber office at 20 Main Street and pick up a colorful brochure in the box  on the side of the building.  Then follow one of the trails in and around the Wyalusing to the locations of the barn quilts.  Most are 8'x8' blocks, but you will also see some are 4'x4' or 2'x2'. 
Near each quilt you will see a small license plate with ​a phone number you can call.  By typing in the code on each individual plate, you will hear a brief description about that particular design. Sometimes you might learn about the name of the quilt and why the owner chose that design.  You might also heat why the colors were selected or other information the owner wanted you to know.
The "Quilted Corners of Wyalusing" is a public art project bringing the spirit of the arts to our community and revealing community-wide expression of our farming and quilting heritage to those who tour our area, benefiting present and future generations.

 Come visit our scenic area and enjoy.

Barn Quilt Tour Brochure

Quilted Corners of Wyalusing Video
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